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South Carolina’s distracted driving law makes it illegal to text message while driving. However, the state has no restrictions on using a cellphone for calls while operating a vehicle. South Carolina’s Distracted Driving Laws on Cellphone Use While Driving | DrivingLaws.org

20/01/2016eIn South Carolina, it is illegal for drivers of all ages to text and drive, which includes emails and instant messages. However, there is no statewide ban on the use of handheld or hands free cell phones when making phone calls. Furthermore, drivers are allowed to use the GPS feature on their handheld device for navigation purposes.

In the last several years, distracted driving has been in the news more because of the ubiquity of cell phones and texting. South Carolina Cell Phone Laws South Carolina does now have laws addressing the use of cell phones while driving. In 2014, South Carolina passed a law making texting while driving a violation of South Carolina code. However, at this time there is no law prohibiting talking on a cell …

19/12/2016eSouth Carolina lawmakers recognized the dangers associated with distracted driving and put forth a law banning texting while driving in 2014. The law, introduced as Senate Bill 459, prohibits the use of a cell phone to read or pose text-based messages while operating a vehicle but does allow the driver to dial and make phone calls, use their GPS, and use voice-based text messaging.

27/02/2020eCurrently, South Carolina has only one prohibition: Reading, writing, and sending text messages or emails is prohibited for all drivers. Are There Any Exceptions to the Distracted Driving Laws in South Carolina? Yes. Texting is permitted when the driver is: lawfully parked or stopped; using hands-free voice-to-text technology; summoning emergency assistance

30/10/2019eSenator Young says the use of cell phones on SC roads poses serious danger. The Aiken County lawmaker filed a bill prohibiting anyone from holding a cell phone behind the wheel, no matter the reason.

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