The rest of an Australian number is a one-digit area code, followed by a 8-digit number. I believe that each state has its own area code, and cell phones in Australia are all area code 4. Within the same area code you dial just the 8-digits. To dial a number in NSW (area code 2) you would dial +61 2 9378 4328.

05/10/2012eYes, you can call a cell phone collect but the billing for such a call is tremendous. Another thing to remember is subscribers have the option to have all collect calls blocked.

To arrange to make a reverse charge call (also known as a collect call), please call the inland operator on 100 or the international operator on 155. A reverse charge call is paid for by the person receiving the call rather than the one making it. You can make reverse charge calls from ordinary lines or payphone lines in the United Kingdom, the ...

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