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A Home DC Network. We can imagine a near future in which every new build or properly thought out renovation project will see the AC network combined with a LVDC (Low Voltage Direct Current) network. The latter could consist of multiple USB sockets that are fed through an AC/DC inverter or a DC/DC inverter.

16/07/2015eAs someone mentioned, appliances which have motors in them mostly run on AC -- however appliances that contain a motor and also contain some form of electronics run on a combination of AC and DC. AC is used for the motor (s) and heating elements (s), and DC is used for the electronic controls (like the control panel of a coffee machine).

12/06/2008eAny idea on 125 v dc as a system voltage? led lights, ceiling fans designed for 125 vdc. and other electronic appliances like a mobile charger, led tv, laptops, printers, etc etc designed to work on 240 v ac, work normally with 125 v dc, the brick interface between the wall socket and the appliance handing this conversion, and very efficiently too!!! a laptop eating 80 watt on 240 v ac consumes just 20 watt …

At our home we have all type of appliances such as a.c. and d.c. So i would say we use both depending on the type of appliance that we are using. For instance if we are using washing machine, coolers , air cons they require ac power .on the other hand we use led bulbs ,laptops ,mobile all this stuff requires dc supply.

Answer (1 of 8): Nobody can make such a list, because it depends how the appliance is designed. But the trend is towards equipment that will work on either. Anything that takes its power through a switch mode power supply will be equally happy on either, because the first stage of any switch mode...

13/06/2016eHowever, at China’s Three Gorges Dam, DC transmission lines transport power to people with fewer losses of energy than AC, displaying that household use of DC power is becoming more conventional. Engineering company Siemens has even installed a 65-mile high-voltage direct current (HVDC) line that stretches from the Pennsylvania/New Jersey power grid to Long Island.

29/06/2016eBig appliances, such as refrigerators, washers, and dryers, use motors, which until recently were all induction motors running on AC direct from the mains. Some applications that needed different speeds used multi-speed induction motors, a simple but somewhat less efficient method than a good variable speed drive system.