Some of these appliances are air purifiers, humidifiers & de-humidifiers, blenders, clothes steamers & iron, electric kettle & coffee machines, and others. Consumer electronics include devices used for entertainment, communications, and home-office activities such as TVs, music system, and others.

In fact, as many as 60% of all dishwashers may be contaminated. Load the knives point down – A UK woman died after she slipped in her kitchen and landed on knives lying upright in a dishwasher in a freak accident. Space Heaters. Nearly 300 people are killed annually in the U.S. in an estimated 21,000 fires caused by space heaters.

22/05/2019eAccording to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), over 2,200 people died due to accidental fires that were caused by short circuits in 2015. If these numbers shock you, note that the following year saw over 11,000 electrical accidents in the country. Nearly 4,800 of these accidents were fatal.

27/05/2015eBefore the installation of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs), which de-energize a circuit when they detect a ground fault, nearly 800 people died annually from household electrocutions. Now, less than 200 people die annually from household electrocutions. Twenty-five percent of U.S. consumers don’t understand the purpose of their GFCIs.

03/09/2020eLG Electronics revenue from home appliances & air solution segment Q1 2016-Q2 2021 LG Electronics' washing machine production volume 2015-2020 Midea Group revenue 2016-2020, by segment

18/05/2016eIt would take 118 years to have as many deaths from shark attacks as there are in one year from a space heater. Toasters. This convenient kitchen appliance, found in nearly every home in the world is far more deadly to humans than sharks. In fact, 700 people worldwide are killed every year by toasters.

Answer (1 of 2): Apparently, in the US the average annual death toll from chlorine gas exposure is less than 10, and probably less than 5! There are many more exposures (1,000’s per year) than that, but hardly any are fatal, and very few require treatment beyond the emergency room, including hos...

23/02/2016eSmell of death: 99K Europeans die each year from toxic household fumes, study says 23 Feb, 2016 02:37 . Get short URL ... as well as nitrogen oxides emitted from heating and cooking appliances. Such indoor pollution is worsened by people trying to reduce their energy bills by installing more insulation and reducing ventilation, researchers claim. While homes may be warmer as a result, …